What the Cleansing Program is all about:

Do you suffer from gas? Bloating? Tummy cramps? Constipation? Diarrhoea? Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Sugar cravings? Mood swings? Headaches? Candida? Skin conditions? From time to time it is very important to do a bowel cleanse to eliminate these symptoms.

As part of the Vicki's Nutrition and Weight Loss eating plans, Vicki advises to cleanse your gut and ensure optimized digestion and absorption of nutrients.

When the gut is toxic, you will reabsorb toxins and these toxins can cause a barrier so you don't absorb the nutrients from your food. Toxins can also slow down weight/fat loss as your body is busy trying to metabolize them and puts fat loss second. You will see improved energy, mood, bowel function, clearer skin and more from this important task.

1 Module

Cleansing Manual

A chance to follow up on your week and troubleshoot as well as run through the next Phase - Cleansing!

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