What 12 week - SUPPORT ONLY is all about:

Eating healthy is not about following a cookie-cutter diet.

It is not about counting calories because it’s near impossible to do that accurately - and not all calories are created equal!

What I teach is about 'sculpting' a diet that's right for you and your unique body chemistry.

(Many who come to me are able to eat the same foods! They just need help to tweak the balance and timing to open the 'wellness spring' and 'flood gates' to fat loss.)

Eating healthy is about being aware of what you are eating, how you are feeling, and making conscious choices repeatedly.

People who develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, food, and fitness have built the skills - through practice - that allow them to be mindful, pay attention to their emotions, and tune into their body’s signals.

The skill of “listening to your body and learning what works for you” — is just that, a skill. And, with practice, can be developed and improved upon.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “there are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.”

Extremes such as 'cookie-cutter meal plans' and 'restrictive diets' and 'cheat days' take the thinking out of the game.

And they fail because they are not sustainable.

Being mindful of what you eat, getting the right balance of protein, carb, and fat at each meal and snack, and how that relates to how you feel, takes practice. But when you hit this correct balance for your specific body chemistry, it is not about willpower anymore. Instead, you will automatically gravitate towards foods that work for you and get you lasting results.

The more you balance your body chemistry and the food that fuels it – eating well and moving more does begin to become automated and an easy lifestyle.

My 12-week - SUPPORT ONLY program is a perfect pair for the REFRESHED 12 week DIY Nutrition Weight Loss Program and is meant to teach you how to eat well as a lifestyle.

You will learn:

  • How to create a clear, goal-driven nutrition plan that works for YOU and that you can immediately put into action.

In this program, you will receive - 

  • Unlimited email support to ask questions and gain feedback.
  • Weekly metrics analysis - body composition and inches with comments and feedback.
  • Food Diary analysis each day with comments and feedback.
  • Membership to Member’s Area for the duration of the 8-week program. Recipes, Meal ideas, Snack ideas, Resources and tools, Forum/Community.

2 Modules

Metrics support - Weekly


Tracking metrics can be very helpful to ensure you do not hit a snag and continue to see great results. 

Food Diary Analysis support - DAILY

To optimize your plan to suit your body chemistry and lifestyle, be sure to submit your Food Diaries daily for feedback and adjustments to suit your body's uniqueness. 

Modules for this product 2

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