REPLENISH 12-week DIY Weight Loss Program

Replenish 12-week DIY Weight Loss Program

Teaching you how to be healthy as a lifestyle and create your 'Bodytopia'.  

A customized eating plan to enjoy life and feel amazing!


Education. Action plan. Accountability. Support. Camaraderie. Fun.


What it is all about:

Eating healthy is not about following a certain cookie cutter diet or going “on and off” diets because that is not sustainable.

It is not about counting calories because it’s near impossible to do that accurately.

Eating healthy is about being aware of what you are eating, how you are feeling, and making conscious choices repeatedly.

People who develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, food, and fitness have built the skills - through practice - that allow them to be mindful, pay attention to their emotions, and tune into their body’s signals.

The skill of “listening to your body and learning what works for you” — is just that, a skill. And, with practice, can be developed and improved upon.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “there are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.”

Extremes such as cookie cutter meal plans and restrictive diets and cheat days take the thinking out of the game. And they fail because they are not sustainable.

Being mindful of what you eat, getting the right balance of protein, carb, and fat at each meal and snack, and how that relates to how you feel, take practice. But when you hit this correct balance for your specific body chemistry, it is not about will power anymore as you will automatically gravitate towards foods that work for you and get you lasting results.

The more you balance your body chemistry and the food that fuels it – eating well and moving more does begin to become automated and an easy lifestyle.

My Replenish 12-week Nutrition Weight Loss Program is meant to teach you how to eat well as a lifestyle - while providing you with the latest well-researched and reputable nutrition education and personalized accountability.

The program follows specific steps but is individualized and customizable.

--> If you would like personalized support and accountability, you can upgrade to the REPLENISH 12-Week Individualized Support Plan that will provide a Daily Food Diary analysis, unlimited email support, and a member's area access.


You will learn:

  • How to create a clear, goal-driven nutrition plan that works for YOU and that you can immediately put into action.
  • How to create better goals.
  • A better way to portion control that doesn’t include counting calories or counting macro's.
  • How to break down carbs, protein, and fat for your body type.
  • The impact stress has on your body and what to do about it.
  • Better understand detoxes, intermittent fasting, and what might be right for you.
  • The secret sauce for long-term success
  • And more…

Many people are surprised at how easy it is to reach their goals. Many people are also surprised with how long it takes to reach their goals. 

Lasting success takes consistency and TIME.

This program will help you make small decisions every day that move you closer to reaching your goals.

You will find out what will work well for your body type and your goals, navigate through everything you read and hear online, and create a sustainable nutrition plan for life. 

Success is hard work and it does not happen overnight. It does not happen from one decision - but from the decision you make day in and day out.

We are what we repeatedly do . — Aristotle

Just because someone else had success one way, doesn't mean everyone else will. Low carb, high fat may work for one person but not another. High intensity training may be great for one client but kill another client's knees.

One size does not fit all in health and fitness.


What you get when you join:

  1. DIY customization to suit you, your food preferences and lifestyle.
  2. Weekly lessons, tasks, and accountability check-ins
  3. Worksheets, guides, and planners to help keep you on track
  4. Motivational tips and techniques to keep you focused on your goals
  5. Support and accountability


How it works:

Each week will have a theme/focus, action item(s) and an accountability task. You will receive weekly emails. The modules/lessons here will be unlocked each week as we go through the program. 



Hi I'm Vicki! I help men, women and children achieve their health, hormonal, and body goals through diet. I have 25 years of clinical experience in nutrition and weight loss and just love helping other's be and feel their best. Weight loss and hormonal control are my specialty. I have previously owned a super busy weight loss clinic with multiple other practitioner's of which I mentored and trained. I sold that to do what I love most and that is to help you achieve your dreams! I am also a Reiki Master in 2 streams and use my intuition to guide what is best for you. 


12 Modules

PHASE 1 => GOALS: How To Set Good Goals

“You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going because you might not get there.” – Yogi Berra

Healthy Food Prep Skills

It is hard to eat healthy foods when there are not healthy foods around.

Menu Planning + Meal Prep Made Easy

Many times our diets suffer because we are unprepared when hunger strikes!

PHASE 3 => CLEANSE: Detoxes, Intermittent Fasting, + Finding What's Right For You

Diving into detoxes, gut health, and intermittent fasting...

PHASE 4 => LIFESTYLE: Mindfulness, Moderation, + Portion Sizes

3 steps to navigating moderation, mindfulness, and body awareness

  • Find the middle ground
  • Track how you feel
  • Change what isn’t working

PHASE 5 => OPTIMIZE Growth Hormone: Sleep, Stress, and Self-care

The difference between self-care and self-comfort, the impact stress has on your body (and goals), and creating a sleep ritual.

Metabolism, Exercise, + Energy Balance

Adding exercise to the equation.


While strength and cardio work is useful, neither of these things alone will offer the optimal results you will get from making your entire life one that has movement and healthy eating as the centerpiece.

PHASE 6 => Emotional Wellness

How your emotions drive your thoughts and behaviors.

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